Ethernet I/O Module/ModbusTCP/2AI/1Str.gau/2DI/2DO

  • Built-In Webserver: configuration, monitoring with standard Webbrowser
  • Modbus UDP/TCP
  • I/O Pair Connection
  • 2-channel Strain Gauge Input
  • 1-channel output voltage
  • 2-channel digital input and 2-channel digital output
  • Power Supply: 10-30 VDC (ET-7016) or 12-48VDC / POE (PET-7016)
  • DIN-Rail Mounting




The ET-7016/PET-7016 is a strain gauge module with 2 analog input channels, 1 excitation voltage output channel, 2 digital input channels and 2 digital output channels module. It provides various programmable analog input inputs (+/-1 mV, +/-50 mV, +/-100 mV, +/-500 mV, +/-1 V, and +/-2.5 V) and supports full-bridge, half-bridge, and quarter-bridge. The range for each analog input is allowed to be configured individually. Excitation voltage output can be in the range of 0 ~ 10 V with a 60 mA driving efficiency. Digital outputs can also be set as alarm outputs. The ET-7016/PET-7016 can also provide long-distance strain gauge measurement that compensates for the loss of voltage resulting from long-distance measurements.