We offer AMS (Industrial IoT Management System Solution).
Agent MaaS Suite (AMS), an enhanced version of AXView 2.0 combining AMS.AXView and AMS.MaaS, is a highly integrated industrial IoT management system that provides device setting and monitoring, event detection and notification, as well as plug-in standard protocols. The system also integrates a visual programming development tool: Node-RED. With AMS, it takes four simple steps (plug, play, configure and play) to quickly build up projects – with zero programming required. Only JavaScript, an entry-level and popular programming language, is reserved for flow design and development. AMS is very suitable for SI, OT, IT professionals, Makers or anyone who needs an easy-to-build POC platform to verify concepts or add more functions. AMS is also developed into a web-based service so that through the Internet and browser users can manage their devices and systems anytime and anywhere.

Training and guidance on how to use the software will be provided for those we purchased the IoT gateway

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