I/O Module/Modbus RTU/Data Logger/16AI/Current

  • 16-channel Current Input
  • Jumper Selectable Differential or Single-ended Wiring
  • 110 VDC Overvoltage Protection
  • 4 kV ESD and EFT Protecton
  • 2 kV Surge Protection
  • Dual Watchdog
  • 3000 VDC Intra-module Isolation
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -25 to +75°C

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    The M-7017mC-16 is a 16-channel current input module that is specifi cally designed to measure current only. Its user-friendly design saves both time and effort when measuring current thanks to built-in resistors, meaning that you can now measure current directly without needing to add an external resistor. The module also provides 4 kV ESD protection and 110 VDC overvoltage protection for the current input, and features 3000 VDC intra-module isolation and open wire detection for 4 ~ 20 mA input. The sampling rate on the M-7017mC-16 is adjustable, meaning that either fast mode or normal mode can be selected. The M-7017mC-16 contains a data logger that can be used to record the current input from all 16 channels, including date and time stamps, and is able to store up to 100,000 downloadable records.