Isolated RS-485 Repeater

The tM-7510U repeater simply amplifies, or boosts, existing RS-485 signals to enable them to cover longer distances. It extends the communication distance by 4000 ft. (1200 m) or increases the maximum number of bus nodes. The module provides 2500 VDC of isolation allowing you to separate and protect critical segments of the system from the rest of the RS- 485 network.

The tM-7510U provides 2 modes of baud rate setting, one is Self-Tuner mode and the other is Fixed baud rate mode. The Self-Tuner mode can support multiple baud rate and multiple data format. The Self-Tuner design is exactly the same as I-7510 series. The Fixed baud rate mode offers a better quality for data transmission over long or lossy lines or electrically noisy environments.


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    • 2-way 2500 VDC Isolation Protection
    • ESD Protection for RS-485 Data Line
    • Power Input, +10 ~ +30 VDC
    • Low power consumption
    • Long-cable application
    • Power and data flow indicator for troubleshooting
    • Easy-to-use rotary switch for baud rate setting, 1200 ~ 115200 bps
    • Operating Temperatures, -25°C ~ +75 °C
    • Tiny packaging fits on your DIN-Rail Mounting


    Comparison Table of Repeater

    Models tM-7510U I-7510
    RS-485 Direction Control Fixed baud rate setting and Automatic RS-485 Direction Control (Self-Tuner, default) Automatic RS-485 Direction Control (Self-Tuner)
    Baud rate 300 ~ 115200 bps for Self-Tuner
    1200 ~ 115200 bps for Fixed baud rate setting
    300 ~ 115200 bps
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 52 mm x 95 mm x 27 mm 72 mm x 122 mm x 35 mm
    Remarks Entry-level
    Long-cable application

    Hardware Specifications

    Serial Interface RS-485 2-wire Data+, Data-
    Bias Resistor Yes, 1 KΩ
    Node 254 (max.)
    Transmission Distance Max. 1,200 m at 9.6 kbps; Max. 400 m at 115.2 kbps
    (Belden 9841 2P twisted-pair cable, if different cables are used, the transmission distance may change)
    2500 VDC Isolated Voltage 2-way Isolation
    Connector Removable 7-Pin Terminal Block x 1; Removable 3-Pin Terminal Block x 1
    LED Indicators
    Power/Communication Yes
    Input Voltage Range +10 VDC ~ +30 VDC (Non-isolated)
    Power Consumption 0.6 W
    Operating Temperature -25 °C ~ +75 °C
    Storage Temperature -30 °C ~ +75 °C
    Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH, non-condensing

    Ordering Informations

    tM-7510U CR Isolated RS-485 Repeater (RoHS)