• Interface: RS-485, RJ-45, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G
  • Protocol: Modbus, MQTT, TCP/UDP, HTTP, Socket, WebSocket
  • System: Voltage, temperature, Digital I/O, fan speed,status, and USB insert/remove
  • Connected device for Modbus device
Develop Tool
  • Node-RED integrated
Programming Language
  • JavaScript supported
Public Cloud
  • Connection support: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Siemens MindSphere
  • Watchdog timer to ensure normal operation
  • Operating per user ID authentication
System Requirements
  • OS: Linux Yocto 2.5.1 and others
  • CPU: Intel® Atom® processor E3815 or above
  • Storage: 16GB or above
  • Memory: 4GB or above
  • Please refer to [Hardware Platform Support List]




Industrial IoT Management System Solution


  • Device Setting: System control and configuration through web-based service for convenient operation
  • On-line Monitoring: 24 x 7 online system monitoring, alarming trigger and visualized data in dashboard
  • Notification: Notifies events by e-mail (default) and also can trigger digital output or push messages through MQTT and social media
  • Protocol Plug-in: Communication support for Modbus, MQTT, REST, WebSocket, HTTP and TCP/UDP
  • Node-RED Integrated: Provides a flow-based development tool for visual
  • programming without advantaged programming skill and makes it easy to process data and design processing flows
  • Dashboard Built-in: Built-in simple dashboard components for users to generate monitoring dashboards easily and quickly
  • API Becomes Nodes and Templates: Converts AXView API to be a node and pre-installs in Node-RED for user access hardware monitoring and DIO without programming


Agent MaaS Suite (AMS), an enhanced version of AXView 2.0 combining AMS.AXView and AMS.MaaS, is a highly integrated industrial IoT management system that provides device setting and monitoring, event detection and notification, as well as plug-in standard protocols. The system also integrates a visual programming development tool: Node-RED. With AMS, it takes four simple steps (plug, play, configure and play) to quickly build up projects – with zero programming required. Only JavaScript, an entry-level and popular programming language, is reserved for flow design and development. AMS is very suitable for SI, OT, IT professionals, Makers or anyone who needs an easy-to-build POC platform to verify concepts or add more functions. AMS is also developed into a web-based service so that through the Internet and browser users can manage their devices and systems anytime and anywhere.

Local Agent – AMS.AXView

AMS.AXView provides system management capabilities for device setting, monitoring and event notification. It supports plug-in protocols including Modbus, MQTT, Socket, WebSocket, HTTP and TCP/UDP, allowing users to manage connected devices through serial ports or LAN ports. AMS.AXView also integrates Node-RED as a visual development tool for users to process and visualize data quickly and easily. AMS.AXView can support more protocols by the plug-in and comes with a lot of flow templates for flow design in Node-RED for different verticals and applications.

Remote Multi-device Manager – AMS.MaaS

As the term “Management as a Service” (MaaS) indicates, AMS.MaaS serves as a remote device and system management tool and supports functions that help administrators to locate, identify and manage a system and review monitoring data for behavior analysis on its network.

Hardware Platform Support List

Fanless Embedded System eBOX100-312, eBOX100-51R, eBOX560-300, eBOX560-500, eBOX560-512, eBOX565-312, eBOX565-500, eBOX625-853, eBOX626-853, eBOX627-312, eBOX625-312, eBOX670-891, eBOX671-521
IoT Gateway ICO100-839, ICO120-83D, ICO300-83B, ICO310, ICO320-83C, ICO500, rBOX510-6COM
Transportation System tBOX300-510, tBOX324-894, tBOX500-510, UST100-508, UST500-510
Fanless Touch Panel PC GOT110-316
Digital Signage Player DSP300, DSP500, DSP600
Industrial PC IPC962-511, IPC962-512, IPC964-512, IPC974-519, IPS960-511-PoE, IPS962-512-PoE
Industrial Motherboard IMB520, IMB523
System Host Board SHB150, SHB140
3.5″ Embedded Board CAPA312
System On Module CEM310, CEM311, CEM510, CEM511, Q7M310, Q7M311
Card/Module AX92320



AMS Documentation