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Www. & namely My AIOT  Store ( Artificial Intelligent & internet of Things Store) was setup and owned by Edex Technology to cater for the needs for AI and IoT products and solutions. We are operating the company in both Malaysia and Singapore and we have more than 20 years experience in sales, support of industrial PC based Automation and Data Acquisition products as well as  projects implementation of different SCADA products since 1996. IoT became popular about in 2013 in line with the industry 4.0 revolution created in the Germany around that period of time.

We offer both the industrial and non industrial IoT and AI solutions based on customer’s needs. It covers the range of products and solutions that allow you to do Smart Home, Smart building, Smart City, Smart Agriculture, Smart Parking, Smart Medical, Smart Factory or Smart Manufacturing etc.

IoT infrastructure usually involve some wireless technology like Lorawan, NB IoT, Sigfox , Zigbee and Bluetooth. We do provides gateways and sensors that relate to all of the above wireless technology.  In term of Hardware platform, we offer Microcontroller, Microprocessors in both Arm and X86 based solution depending on the development platform that you would like to develop it on.  Software wise, we offer Node red, C , C#,C++, Phyton, PHP that run on both Windows and Linux OS platforms.

AI ( Artificial Intelligent ) is also one of the area that is now growing very rapidly, We offer solutions such as Smart surveillance, Video analytics, Deep learning package that support both the well known AI platform from Nvidia Jetson TX2 and any Intel X86 platform with the combination of Movidius AI kits.

Benefits of buying the products and services from us:-

  • Strong Technical know how and support in both the commercial and industrial IoT applications.
  • All products comes direct from Manufacturers itself, so we offer competitive pricing.
  • We offer  up to 2 years Warranty depending on products  and online and dedicated  technical support.
  • We shipped or delivered to any part of the world from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Singapore or Taiwan a nearest place from you to reduce the freight charges.